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Considerations When Looking For a Reliable Copy Editor

When writing a book, you should ensure you have written the best. Therefore, you need to look for a copy editor for your book. You should look for a person that will give your book the perfect shot. As follows are the tips to help you in choosing the right copy editor.

The perfect way of identifying a reliable copy editor is through recommendations. You should look for a trusted author friend to ask to be connected to the copy editor that helped them, in their books. You need to look for many recommendations so that you can choose the copy editor depending on your needs. You can use the Google or Yahoo group and post your question where you will find a person to recommend you to a reliable person. You can also search for the best editor by looking at their profiles pages. Use the copy editors profile to check out their testimonials from other authors that have worked with them. When you have a potential copy editor, you need to ask the editor to provide you with references. You need to contact the previous clients of the copy editor as they will tell you their experience and the services that the editor offers.

The next consideration when hiring a copy editor is the personality. You may require a lot of communications or the handholding in your book. Therefore you need to look for the copy editor that will effectively communicate with you. You need to check on how the editor will respond to your questions. When the copy editor does not answer your emails more responses to your queries, it is a sign of red flags
You can use a literary agent to identify a reliable copy editor. You need to search for the literary agent that is capable of speaking with the conference of writers. The agent will refer you to the copy editor that they have ever worked with. Through talking with the writer's conferences, they get a better chance of chatting with many authors and thus they can ask to be connected to the best copy editor. Also, at the writer's conference, you can meet with many copy editors that you can talk with them. This will help you to get a copy editor that will help you in getting the best services that you would require.

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